The Bottle Imp

The Bottle Imp aims to showcase Scotland’s vast and vibrant literary culture — to support discussion, investigation and innovation, and offer challenging and inspiring ideas to everyone who has a keek inside. Inside each issue, you’ll find articles, opinions, and arguments waiting to happen, along with book reviews, columns on Scots and Gaelic Place-Names, plus our annual Best Scottish Books List. It’s a deceptively small bottle …

The Bottle Imp comes out twice a year, spring and fall. You can join our mailing list to receive an email when each new issue is published. There is no charge to sign up for the notifications, or to read or print articles from The Bottle Imp.

Our contributors include writers, artists, academics, critics, and journalists from within Scotland and without. Feedback is welcome and contributions are invited. If you want to raise an issue, make a point or pose a question, please get in touch!

The Bottle Imp is published by the Association for Scottish Literature (ASL). It is edited and produced by Pip Osmond-Williams and Duncan Jones.

ISSN 1754-1514

Bottle Imp logo (small)Be sure to read ‘The Bottle Imp’ short story
by Robert Louis Stevenson!

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