‘A Northern Habitat: Collected Poems 1960–2010’ by Robin Fulton Macpherson

Robin Fulton Macpherson was known for a long time as Robin Fulton, a poet of chilly distinction in The Spaces Between the Stones (1971), The Man with the Surbahar (1971) and Tree-Lines (1974); as a sharply discerning critic in the book Contemporary Scottish Poetry (1974) and the essays collected in The Way the Words Are […]

‘Scottish Theatre: Diversity, Language, Continuity’ by Ian Brown

Ian Brown’s monograph follows The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Drama he edited in 2011, and taken together, these books amount to a thorough and radical rethinking of the traditions of Scottish plays, performances, dramatic and theatrical structures and engagements through history, how we have encountered them, and how we might read them with fresh interest […]

‘The Shard Box’ by Liz Niven

In 1792, four years before the death of Burns, Henry Dundas struck a deal with Lord Macartney and sent him off to lead the first British expedition to China. When they were received into the emperor’s presence almost a year after they set out, King George III’s delegation were treated with cool formality, their gifts—telescopes, […]

It’s laldie time! Scotland and the Comic Books

It’s a familiar story: the vast popularity of Walter Scott helped promulgate the visualisation of Scotland as Romantic landscape, wild seascape or urban or Gothic cityscape. This process was well underway in paintings of the nineteenth century and the images associated with the country entered popular consciousness often with little regard for the material conditions […]

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