‘The Walrus Mutterer’ by Mandy Haggith

For those seeking an answer to the FAQ, “What was it like in the Scottish Iron Age?”, the bad news is that the most definitive “I was there” written account is forever lost, probably around two thousand years ago. On The Ocean – a record of a remarkable journey undertaken by the Greek navigator, geographer […]

‘The House Between Tides’ by Sarah Maine

Fiction should not have feminism stamped through it like Edinburgh Rock, nor need every heroine (and I use the word advisedly as opposed to, say, ‘key protagonist’) be the glorious Ifemelu in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah or even Chris Guthrie — but I would suggest that, at this early stage of the twenty-first century, they […]

‘Flesh of the Peach’ by Helen McClory

If I wrote that this was a book about a violent protagonist with a turbulent back-story who heads for the wilderness to seek isolation, and perhaps ultimately a reconciliation with the past, you might assume that I was talking about a man. An emotionally wounded man perhaps, bearded and haunted with sad eyes and a […]

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