The Islands Are Not Lost, The Compass Is

Recently, in my home island of Lewis I spent some life-enhancing time with two writers who were doing novel-related research in the Hebrides, one a Booker Prize winner at the dizzying apex of his career, the other, an American writer earnestly researching her first novel, demonstrating her commitment by starting to learn Gaelic. I am […]

‘Na Sgeulachdan Gàidhlig’, by Iain Mac a’ Ghobhainn  

Iain Crichton Smith’s literary output was remarkable in more ways than one. He wrote poems, stories, novels, essays, plays, and reviews across two languages. Na Sgeulachdan Gàidhlig is a milestone publication. It brings together for the first time the 116 stories Smith wrote in Gaelic (more, incidentally, than any other writer). These stories demonstrate how […]

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