‘The Professor of Truth’ by James Robertson

Readers familiar with James Robertson’s work will find The Professor of Truth resonating with the major leitmotifs and themes of his previous novels—(historical) truth and its complex relation with story-telling, (poetic) justice and the role of literature in securing memory and providing a critical review of the past, the healing power of literary representation in […]

Glocalising Scottish literature: a call for new strategies of reading

Introduction As heralded by many observers and scholars, the 1999 reinstatement of the Scottish Parliament marked an important turning point in the field of Scottish studies. Among others, Caroline McCracken-Flesher pointed out how the forces underpinning the creation of the Parliament ‘are also cultural, therefore constantly alive and insistently creative’ and that ‘Scotland may seem […]

Caribbean-Scottish Relations: for a Poetics of Memory

2007 marked in Britain both the third centenary of the Union of the English and Scottish parliaments—arguably the birth of the modern British state as well as of the British Empire—and the bicentenary of the abolition of the Slave Trade Act, which preceded the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire by 26 years. Even […]

Scottish Studies Profile: Associate Professor Carla Sassi

I am Associate Professor of English Literature at the University of Verona. My interest in Scottish Literature has followed me since my student years at the University of Udine, across academic institutions and disciplinary fields. My first academic work — a study on Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange (and I am proud to say that today I am […]

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