‘The Language of Robert Burns: Style, Ideology, and Identity’ by Alex Broadhead

Alex Broadhead’s The Language of Robert Burns: Style, Ideology, and Identity is the first book-length study of Burns’s language use, a topic that is much deserving of extended critical scrutiny. While several critics have analyzed this issue, few have applied an intensive linguistic methodology in order to assess and interpret Burns’s poetic motives and strategies. […]

Introduction to ‘Scottish Sociability: The Literature of Clubs and Societies’

The Scottish Forum session this year at the MLA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania focused on the theme of Scottish Sociability: the Literature of Clubs and Associations. The topic of sociability has long been a mainstay of social and cultural histories of Scotland, which often begin with mention of the seventeenth-century origins of Freemasonry in Edinburgh, […]

Writing in Burns’s Shadow: The Great Unknowns of Nineteenth-Century Scottish Labouring-Class Verse

Writing in the ‘great shadow’ of Robert Burns proved to be a difficult enterprise for nineteenth-century labouring-class Scottish poets; a wave of tributes and elegies were prompted by Burns’s death in 1796, as his ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ poets confronted his legacy. The critical reception of Burns in the early nineteenth century complicated Burns’s persona as […]

‘Robert Burns: Selected Poems and Songs’ edited by Robert P. Irvine

Despite the continuing international popularity of Robert Burns, as well as growing critical interest in the poet since the two hundred and fiftieth birthday celebrations held in 2009, there has not been a new one-volume scholarly edition of the works since The Canongate Burns (2001), edited by Andrew Noble and Patrick Scott Hogg. That volume stirred considerable […]

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