On Walks on Various Ways: Some Field Notes

1. The Maidenbower path links the area of Dumfries known as The Crichton — home to the University of ‘School of Interdisciplinary Studies — and curves between farmland and woods towards the suburb of Georgetown. The path begins by the new Midpark Hospital, and contributes to the hospital’s work by providing a place where patients […]

‘A Method Actor’s Guide to Jekyll and Hyde’ by Kevin MacNeill

Kevin MacNeil’s debut collection of poems Love and Zen in the Outer Hebrides (1998) established him as an important new voice, at once profoundly rooted in the culture of his native Lewis as well as internationalist in his influences. In Love and Zen he showed a willingness to experiment with the possibilities of poetic form, combining Gaelic and English […]

Lecturer in Literature Dr David Borthwick

I grew up in a small village east of Inverness, where the principal employers were the local army barracks (an 18th century edifice built to prevent a rematch of the ’45) and an American-owned oil rig construction yard. These colonies of varying sorts constantly underlined the way wider forces impinge on the local, from the […]

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