‘Dreams of Scottish Youth: A Seventies Odyssey, vols 1 & 2’, by Graham Fulton

Dreams of Scottish Youth: A Seventies Odyssey is a long poem sequence which describes Graham Fulton’s years between the ages of eleven and twenty-two. Fulton was recognised early as one of the leading voices of the Itinerant Poets group set up with the encouragement of Tom Leonard in Paisley in the 1980s. Jim Ferguson, Margaret […]

‘Underwood’, by Stewart Conn

Now in his eighty-seventh year and still one of Scotland’s finest poets, Stewart Conn offers us a new pamphlet. Underwood, a collection of recent work published by Mariscat, is another affirmation of his sensitive yet thorough probing of the world around him, with his focus on the interplay between his humanity and the things he […]

‘Portrait’, by Tracy Patrick

Tracy Patrick is a Paisley poet. This term has historical roots but has been gaining greater contemporary significance in the Scottish writing scene for some decades, with its members now publishing and performing regularly throughout Scotland and beyond it. Not a single group but a collection of individuals who sometimes perform together and sometimes separately, […]

‘Crombie Saunders: Collected Poems’, edited by Donald Goodbrand Saunders

This is the first full collection of the much-neglected poet R. Crombie Saunders, adding to the impressive body of publications produced by Rymour Books. Saunders died in 1991 almost entirely forgotten within the Scottish literary world, but this collection, edited and introduced by his son Donald, also a poet, makes the claim that Saunders’s output, […]

Wattie Goes to Hollywood: Scott, Scotland and Film

When Walter Scott sat down to plan George IV’s visit to Edinburgh and the pageant that would go along with it in 1824, he knew what he was doing. He was branding a nation, giving it an identity that would last outside itself, something that would be instantly recognizable and travel abroad, something that showed […]

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