‘The Magicians of Edinburgh’ by Ron Butlin

Ron Butlin has built a solid reputation as a skilled writer of poetry and prose. Among his highly regarded books are the novella The Sound of My Voice and the poetry collection Ragtime in Unfamiliar Bars. Both these titles are works of considerable brilliance — virtuoso performances from a very precise and versatile author. The […]

‘Killochries’ by Jim Carruth

In an extraordinary turn of events, Jim Carruth gained a laureateship before he had a book published. He had a handful of chapbooks in print, but his appointment as Poet Laureate of Glasgow in 2014 predates by a year his verse narrative Killochries. This sparse but fluid sequence follows the course of four rural seasons, […]

‘Be the First to Like This’ edited by Colin Waters

I know who won’t be the first to like this anthology of new Scottish poetry: readers with an interest in linguistic diversity. Editor Colin Waters has chosen to ignore poetry ‘in Gaelic, Lallans, Shetlandic and Scotland’s other languages’. Why? Because ‘it is with enormous regret and not a little shame that I must admit I […]

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