‘Of Me and Others’ by Alasdair Gray

Of Me and Others, published by Glasgow-based independent press Cargo, brings together what Gray disarmingly refers to in his ‘Foreword’ as a ‘ragback of interesting scraps’, albeit one, he insists, with the ‘unity of a struggle for a confident culture’.(1) Anyone reading Cargo’s blurb on the dust jacket for the volume will come away with […]

Different Strokes, Smokes, for Different Folks: Naomi Mitchison’s ‘Solution Three’

Naomi Mitchison’s short science-fiction novel Solution Three (1975) imagines a near-future Earth transformed by global warfare and an ensuing population crisis. Despite its superficially post-apocalyptic setting, the world of Solution Three is largely peaceful, ruled by a universal Code that prohibits inequality and aggression. Yet this future society is sinister in its own way, particularly in its technological dominance […]

Sick of Scottish Literature?

Over the past year, I have co-organized a Scottish Health Humanities Seminar and Masterclass Series supported by funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. One of the pleasures of the Series was to encounter contrasting viewpoints in the intersection between health-related topics and the concerns of the arts and humanities. A number of our speakers addressed the […]

Scottish Studies profile – Dr Gavin Miller

As a teenager in Scotland in the 1980s, I didn’t know there were supposedly two cultures, the arts and the sciences. There were certainly different subjects at school, but it was possible to excel in English or French, and also in Physics or Maths. There were a lot of “good all-rounders” at my high school, […]

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