Lorna Moon, rising once again: ‘Doorways in Drumorty’ and ‘Drumorty Revisited’

Every few years Lorna Moon surfaces in the Scottish literary consciousness. This recurring ‘resurgence’ has been propelled either by the advocacy of critics such as Margery Palmer McCulloch, Carla Sassi and David Toulmin, who were fascinated by her work in terms of feminist, modernist, regionalist and nationalist interests, or through media projects inspired by her […]

‘Reappraising Jane Duncan: Sexuality, Race and Colonialism in the My Friends Novels’ by Rita Elizabeth Rippetoe

Jane Duncan is a Scottish writer neglected by critics and ripe for reappraisal. Rita Elizabeth Rippetoe’s study goes some way to addressing Duncan’s overlooked fiction, illuminating the life of an author who can best be understood in relation to the changing world she inhabited and the specifics of her own geographical journey. Her book indicates […]

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