‘Prince Otto’ by Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Robert P. Irvine

Prince Otto is an interesting (and happy) choice as the first volume to appear in the New Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Everyone will recognise that it is not one of Stevenson’s best known works, but it is a remarkably interesting work and a splendid example of what Stevenson could do […]

Two Hundred Years of ‘Waverley’ in Australia

When Waverley appeared in July of 1814, the colony of New South Wales was just over twenty five years old, and Walter Scott was on a cruise of the Northern Isles in the company of Robert Louis Stevenson’s grandfather. Stevenson was to visit Australia some eighty years later when he had become an internationally renowned author with […]

Scottish Studies Profile: Professor Graham Tulloch

With a name like Graham Tulloch and a love of reading it was, I guess, inevitable that I should end up interested in Scottish Studies but the road was not a straightforward one. It is true that my father was an Australian of Scottish descent but he had reacted against some of the previous generation […]

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