Helen Cruickshank: ‘Bide the storm ye canna hinder’

Bide the storm ye canna hinder, Minding through the strife, Hoo the luntin’ lowe o’ beauty Lichts the grey o’ life.       —Helen Cruickshank, ‘Sea Buckthorn’ It may seem unlikely that a female civil servant brought up in rural Angus should have become a key figure in what she herself did not like to call ‘the […]

Professional Boat-Rocker: Naomi Mitchison and Africa

The place is Ghana, the year 1957. Naomi Mitchison is in Accra to cover Ghana’s independence celebrations for the Manchester Guardian. At midnight, Kwame Nkrumah speaks, and ‘After the last words he burst into a dance of achievement and joy which was taken up all round.’ The other journalists head off, ‘their minds on drinks […]

Naomi Mitchison: Traveller and Storyteller

Naomi Mitchison lived for almost the whole of the twentieth century and achieved in that time more than could reasonably be expected of a single individual. She worked energetically for political and social causes. She played a forceful part in the remote Argyll community of Carradale, where she and her husband, lawyer and MP G. […]

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