‘The Fourth Pig’ by Naomi Mitchison, introduced by Marina Warner

This elegantly produced little volume is the reissue of a miscellany of a few of Mitchison’s early shorter writings, published in 1936 and thereafter largely forgotten. It has now re-emerged from the shadows as one of a new series of Oddly Modern Fairy Tales, edited by Jack Zipes. It is certainly an extraordinary compilation, characterised […]

‘Travels in Scotland in Scotland, 1788-1881: A Selection from Contemporary Tourist Journals’ edited by Alastair J. Durie

We are already indebted to Dr Alastair Durie for exploring the social and economic history of Scottish tourism in two pioneering and highly readable studies, To Scotland for the Holidays1 and Water is Best.2 These he has now supplemented with a valuable collection of unpublished writings by six tourists and holiday makers in Scotland spanning the period 1788-1881. Three […]

‘Silver: Return to Treasure Island’ by Andrew Motion

Robert Louis Stevenson mischievously maintained that up in ‘the late Miss McGregor’s cottage’ at Braemar he had conceived Treasure Island simply as a ripping boys’ action yarn, with no psychology and no girls. His tale has of course turned out to be far less simple than that, and over the years writers, as well as critics, have […]

Towards an Overview of Scottish Children’s Literature from 1823-2010

‘She … speaks to them still’. Behind Charlotte Square in the New Town of Edinburgh you may come across an ornate Gothic monument commemorating the novelist Catherine Sinclair who died in 1864. An inscription added in 1900 declares: She was a friend of all children and through her book ‘Holiday House’ speaks to them still.1 […]

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