Introduction: Scottish Radicals and BOSLIT Redux – Scottish Literature at the 2023 MLA Convention

This special supplement of The Bottle Imp continues the now established tradition of presenting revised papers presented at events related to Scottish Literature at the annual MLA convention. The 2023 MLA convention took place in January, partly in San Francisco, and partly online. Some of the presenters featured in this supplement took the opportunity to […]

The Author in Person: Materialising Scotland on the Nineteenth-Century Literary Tour

This paper is a modest extension of Amanda Adams’s fascinating study, Performing Authorship in the Nineteenth Century Transatlantic Lecture Tour (2016). Adams takes a number of case studies from both the UK and the USA – Frederick Douglass, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Martineau, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Matthew Arnold and Henry James – […]

Introduction: The Persistence of Scottish–Canadian Relations

This special supplementary issue of The Bottle Imp picks up the venerable tradition of presenting polished versions of papers given at the ‘official’ Scottish Literature panel of the annual convention of the Modern Languages Association of America (MLA). The papers published here were delivered in January 2021, in a panel on ‘The Persistence of Scottish-Canadian […]

Transcreating Concrete Poetry

Concrete poetry offers particular challenges to literary translators, or perhaps it is more accurate to say that concrete poetry accentuates challenges that are shared to a lesser degree with other types of literary translation. While often considered a late modernist phenomenon, concrete poetry has a long pedigree, stretching back to ancient Greece and China. ‘Syrinx’ […]

Scottish Studies Profile: Professor John Corbett

In 2007 it is my privilege to be chairman of the Scottish Literature Discussion Group of the Modern Language Association of America. The Discussion Group committee is a small, enthusiastic band of four MLA members with an active research interest in Scottish Studies. We serve for four years on the committee and during our brief lifespan as […]

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