‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman

‘Pain is easy; pain is something with which I am familiar’, the eponymous anti-hero of Gail Honeyman’s bestselling novel tells us. On Fridays, Eleanor Oliphant buys two bottles of vodka, takes a few big swigs and falls asleep on the sofa: ‘I drink the rest […] over the weekend, spread it throughout both days so […]

‘Armadillos’ by P.K. Lynch

Fifteen-year-old Aggie lives on a sheep farm in the middle of Texas cattle country. The only town is four miles away: ‘One little main street with a few stores selling random stuff, one dusty antique place that I never in all my life saw open.’ But Armadillos is not a portrait of small-town life. Brought […]

‘The Daughter of Lady Macbeth’ by Ajay Close

When Freya gives her mother a scarf for Christmas, Lilias reciprocates with tissue-wrapped lemon soaps. It’s the same every year. Theirs is a relationship that endures more from habit than love. ‘What if you turned out like your mother?’ the cover of Ajay Close’s The Daughter of Lady Macbeth asks. Thespian Lilias had been starring as the […]

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