Material Memories of Darien: Letters, lieux de mémoire, and the Company of Scotland

In 2010, the records of the Company of Scotland held in the NLS and the archives of the Royal Bank of Scotland were digitized for the UK Memory of the World Register. The records consist of handwritten material regarding the Company of Scotland’s inception in 1695, the establishment of a Scottish colony at Darien in […]

A New Perspective on the Scottish Diaspora

In his contribution to the recent volume on Transatlantic Scots, Colin McArthur comments on what he calls the “Scottish Discursive Unconscious,” a restricted range of “images, tones, rhetorical tropes, and ideological tendencies, often within utterances promulgated decades (sometimes even a century or more) apart” (340). As McArthur suggests, anyone setting out to describe, comment on, or […]

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