Magi Gibson: Washing Hugh MacDiarmid’s Socks

WASHING HUGH MACDIARMID’S SOCKS Late at night, long after she has tucked his child in bed, lied to the ‘little scone’ he’ll see his daddy soon, she scribbles letters with a borrowed pen, a broken pencil stub. In the ghost-filled kitchen of her Cornwall birth she begs stamps from her scowling aunts, sends letters like […]

How I Came to Write a Poem about Hugh MacDiarmid’s Socks

Edinburgh. Blackwell’s bookshop. Summer 2007. The audience squeezed into the upstairs room faces a dilemma. Shut the windows and suffocate, or open them and drown out the readers with the roar of traffic and lashing rain. We opt for Slow Death wrapped in the Comfort Blanket of Literature. I’m slipping into a semi-comatose state when […]

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