‘Vandalism’ by Lizzie Eldridge

Lizzie Eldridge’s second novel is a biting and bleak study of love, betrayal and their consequences, set amongst a group of friends based in Glasgow. For Moira, twenty-eight, quick-witted and feisty, the security of her ever-dependable relationship with the dutiful Andy is a branch to cling to as she finds herself threatening to be swept […]

‘Infinite Ground’ by Martin MacInnes

Martin MacInnes’ debut novel is a striking, estranging and cerebral exposition of the human body and modern alienation set in South America, ostensibly far removed from the author’s roots in Scotland. Before getting to the narrative itself, credit should be paid to the aesthetics of the book as a product, a gloriously decorative hardback with […]

Reading Double, Writing Double: The Fiction of Iain (M.) Banks

Iain Banks’ writing can be located within a context of contemporary British fiction, namely the period after 1970. The rationale for the provision of a context wider than Scottish fiction is determined by Banks who, as Thom Nairn explains, has ‘expressed doubts about the place he may or may not occupy in a specifically Scottish […]

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