Introduction: Scottish Literature at the MLA: 2013, 2014

I recently completed a four-year term on the executive committee of the Scottish Literature Discussion Group sponsored by the Modern Language Association. The MLA website lists nearly 30,000 members in 100 countries, and 137 discussion groups or, in larger conglomerates (e.g., ‘The Victorian Period’; ‘Comparative Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature’), divisions.1 The Scottish Literature Discussion Group came […]

Independence for Whom? or What? Scottish Literature and the Inhuman

This past June, the Edinburgh newspaper The Scotsman ran a headline that struck me not because it seemed atypical of Scottish newspapers but because its correlative in the American news media is harder to fathom. This headline read ‘Scottish Independence: Burns would be Yes — Salmond’. Salmond here refers to Alex Salmond, Scottish First Minister, leader of […]

Have Scottish Studies Ever Involved Cultural Studies?

The simple answer to the question I pose in the title of my talk—have Scottish studies ever involved cultural studies?—is yes.1 Explorations of race, class, gender, and sexuality inform a great deal of new work in the field, supplemented by nuanced thinking about such subjects as vernacular language, national identity, the multi-mediated legacies of major Scottish […]

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