‘From Arthur’s Seat: Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh’ edited by Alyson Kissner, Amani Al-Remal, et al.

To begin with, it seems prudent to point out that anyone who expects that the contributions in this collection will be set in or revolve around the city of Edinburgh may be somewhat disappointed. Apart from the title and the appealing illustrations of iconic landmarks of the city, the anthology’s connection to Edinburgh lies in […]

‘Fallow’ by Daniel Shand

Daniel Shand’s darkly unsettling debut novel Fallow revolves around the relationship between two brothers in their mid-twenties, Paul and Michael Buchanan. The picaresque narrative begins in medias res when we encounter the siblings on the run, lying low somewhere in an unspecified area of Scotland, probably in the hills north of Glasgow. Michael, the younger of the two, has […]

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