‘The Physic Garden’ by Catherine Czerkawska

Little remains of the original Glasgow University and its botanic garden, the main setting for Catherine Czerkawska’s The Physic Garden. Unlike the physic garden buried beneath Edinburgh’s Waverley Station, there’s not much to commemorate where the garden and grounds once stood behind Glasgow University’s Old College, nor the people who laboured there. Such gardens were, […]

The Scenic Route to ‘Humphry Clinker’: Smollett’s Travels Through France and Italy

In 1763, Tobias Smollett embarked on a two-year trip round France and Italy. The great eighteenth-century novelist, historian, journalist and man of letters had good reason for quitting Britain. His support for the deeply unpopular prime ministership of the 3rd Earl of Bute (from 1762-1763) had left him the target of what he saw as […]

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