‘Seanchaidh na Coille | The Memory-Keeper of the Forest: Anthology of Scottish-Gaelic Literature of Canada’ edited by Michael Newton

While there have been various excellent anthologies of Gaelic poetry since the 1990s, these focused mainly on texts from Scotland itself. The corpus of Gaelic diaspora literature has received much less systematic attention, and much of it was hard to access for a wider modern readership, for instance because many texts remained scattered in nineteenth- […]

‘Beredter Norden: Schottische Lyrik seit 1900 | Eloquent North: Scottish Poetry since 1900’ edited by Iain Galbraith

Anthologies of Scottish poetry in German are exceedingly rare: to my knowledge, there were only three such collections published from the beginning of the twentieth century to the first decade of the twenty-first. Against this rather scanty background, Iain Galbraith’s very substantial new anthology forms a highly welcome addition — and a very substantial one […]

Gaeldom and multi-ethnic Scotland: A long history and a short story

Multi- and transculturality, both in Scotland and in Britain as a whole, are an increasingly recognised fact, and the implications of this fact for national identity are the subject of lively public and academic debates. It is often implied that these phenomena are rather new, and that the traditional concept of cultures and nations as […]

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