Myth and history: a story of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and other family mysteries

My family – wife, Jeffrey Ann Goudie and children Eleanor and Alexander Goudie-Averill – made a pilgrimage to Scotland in May of 2002. We wanted to explore the Goudie family roots in the southernmost reach of the Scottish lowlands: in Port Logan, a fishpond; and near Drummore, a church, Kirkmaiden. Our itinerary also included those […]

Walking with Robert Burns: memory, meter, composition, recitation

On a Burns Night several years ago, a poet friend Eric recited, from memory, ‘To a Mouse, On Turning Her Up In Her Nest, With The Plough, November 1785’, a poem of forty-eight lines. Our gathering was impressed. A spoken poem is immediate, real, genuine. I must admit, I was jealous. At the time, I […]

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