‘Flesh and Stone: A Poem of Kilmartin Glen and Loch Craignish’, by Graham Fulton

Flesh and Stone: A Poem of Kilmartin Glen and Loch Craignish is one of four books of poetry published by Graham Fulton in 2018 (my review of his Glitches of Mortality for The Bottle Imp can be found here). Unlike his other collections released that year, Flesh and Stone is a single, epic poem that […]

‘Glitches of Mortality’, by Graham Fulton

Graham Fulton (b. 1959) has been a poet, a publisher and a live performer for over three decades. Born in Hampton, Fulton moved with his family to Paisley in the early 1960s. He had a prolific 2018 – Glitches of Mortality (his sixteenth collection of poetry) is one of four books he published that year, […]

‘What Planet’ by Miriam Gamble

Miriam Gamble’s third collection of poetry, What Planet, published by Bloodaxe Books, follows in the footsteps of her two previous collections The Squirrels Are Dead (2010) and Pirate Music (2014). Born in Brussels and raised in Belfast, Gamble studied at Oxford and Queens University and today lectures in creative writing at the University of Edinburgh. […]

‘HWFG: Short Stories ‘n That’ by Chris McQueer

Glaswegian gigs are known for being some of the best on the planet, and the iconic chant that gets the crowds riled up goes ‘HERE WE, HERE WE, HERE WE F**CKING GO’: this is what the text-speak acronym stands for in the title of Chris McQueer’s second collection of short stories released in the last […]

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