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The Bottle Imp was first published in May 2007. You can browse all our back issues here:

Consciously created, maintained in the teeth of North Britishness, preserved in poetry and song, in literature and sporting rivalries, the Scottish national identity is a curious beast. It is a mixture, an amalgam, formed of lumps and lights and broken pieces, spiced and dressed and crammed around inside itself, running around the bens and glens. In this, fifth issue of The Bottle Imp, we open up the creature for a thorough investigation, warm-reekin, rich …


Welcome to the first edition of The Bottle Imp, the Scottish Studies ezine of the Scottish Writing Exhibition. Why The Bottle Imp? The name, of course, is stolen from one of Stevenson’s short stories. As a symbol of Scotland’s ability to see beyond itself, to go outside its borders – whether for honour, or for glory, or for riches, or even just for the climate – it seemed appropriate. We hope that we, too, might contain something surprising!


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