A harmony all of their own: problems of Gaelic identity in ‘No Great Mischief’

Generally speaking we human beings are social creatures. We organise ourselves in groups, defining ourselves both by what we have in common and what distinguishes us from the other. In the modern society in which most of us live, we have moved on from the need to band together to obtain food or protection from […]

Scottish Texts and Contexts in Karen Solie’s ‘The Caiplie Caves’

The Caiplie Caves, published in 2019, is the fifth original collection by the Canadian poet Karen Solie. A native of Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Solie won the Griffin Poetry Prize for her 2009 collection, Pigeon, and is also the recipient of numerous other Canadian literary awards. In a London Review of Books essay on The Living Option: […]

Jessie Kerr Lawson’s Scoto-Canadian Romance

Even the most ardent readers of nineteenth-century literature are unlikely to have heard of nineteenth-century novelist, poet, and satirist Jessie Kerr Lawson. Her writing, most of it published in periodicals, may strike twenty-first-century readers as alternately mawkish in its sentimentality and brutal in its humour. But her wildly improbable plots and boldly drawn caricatures are […]

Introduction: The Persistence of Scottish–Canadian Relations

This special supplementary issue of The Bottle Imp picks up the venerable tradition of presenting polished versions of papers given at the ‘official’ Scottish Literature panel of the annual convention of the Modern Languages Association of America (MLA). The papers published here were delivered in January 2021, in a panel on ‘The Persistence of Scottish-Canadian […]

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